The Landscape Services promise to customers

Whatever the service, whichever way they contact us, we promise our customers to:

  • Deal with enquiries in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner;
  • Treat everyone equally and without discrimination;
  • Provide accurate and timely information;
  • Treat any information given to us or held by us sensitively and discreetly, respecting any confidentiality;
  • Meet the targets set out in our service standards;
  • Treat any comments and complaints about our services seriously and to handle them in a positive way.

The services we provide

We aim to protect and enhance the landscape we live in by undertaking a wide range of landscape, arboriculture, biodiversity and countryside management work throughout the Vale. Our services include;

  • Landscape and arboriculture advice to the District Council;
  • Work in partnership to encourage nature conservation and biodiversity;
  • Tree protection and advice.

Responding to Customers

Standards for responding to enquiries via letter, email, telephone or personal visit are set out in the Council’s Customer Service Charter.

Help Us to Help You!

Customers can help the Council to deliver the best possible service by: 

  • Being aware of any relevant service standards (for example, turnaround times on applications);
  • Keeping us informed of any relevant changes in your circumstances;
  • Responding to letters and any requests for further information or documentation in the timescales requested;
  • Treating our staff with respect and courtesy.

Customer Behaviour

Our staff are committed to providing the best possible service for customers, and we believe that in return our staff have a right to be treated courteously and with respect.

The Council will not tolerate instances of verbal, written or physical harassment or abuse of its staff. The Council will record such incidents and may report incidents to the police. We retain the right, where we consider customer actions to be unacceptable, to change, restrict or refuse access to our services.

Comments, Complaints and Suggestions

The Council recognises that communication is a two-way process and operates a procedure that encourages comments, complaints and suggestions to enable service improvement. Whichever method you use to contact us with a complaint, it will be dealt with in the same way.

  • A full written reply will be sent within seven working days or, if your complaint is complicated, you will be sent a reply or progress report within 28 days.
  • If you are unhappy about our reply to your complaint, you can write to the Chief Executive at the Council using the Freepost address.
  • If, after following the Council's procedure you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can refer it to the Local Government Ombudsman. We can supply you with the contact details on request.

Last reviewed: 18 - 11 - 2015

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