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Please read the notes below carefully before completing your application form. A more detailed set of guidelines is available (see downloads section of this page). We recommend keeping these guidelines to hand so you can refer to them whilst completing your form.

We decide whether to interview you on the strength of the information you present on this form, so it is important to give us clear and relevant information and to answer all the questions.

Important information - saving your form

There are nine stages to the online application form. Each stage has a save button in the top right hand corner. It is important to save the form because the form WILL timeout after 30 minutes and all of your work will be lost. You can also use the save function if you want to stop and resume your application later. If you do not save and you close the form, all of your information will be lost. You can save it more than once. We recommend you save the form at least every 25 minutes.

After selecting the save option, you need to enter your email address. You can then restore the form when you are ready to work on it again. When you save the form you will receive an email which will include a unique web link. To restore the form you will need to click on the web link. The form will be available until the closing date and time of the job you are applying for. 

Required fields

You must fill in form fields with a star * - you will receive a warning message if you leave these fields blank and you won't be able to proceed any further with the form until you've added the information.

Skills, Abilities, Knowledge and Experience section

This section is the most vital part of the form. We need you to give us specific information in support of your application in order for us to shortlist in a fair and unbiased way. We assess applicants on how they meet the requirements stated in the person specification.

Before you start, carefully read the job description and person specification. Think about how your own experience, knowledge and skills match the specification. We recognise people gain experience and skills in a number of ways, not only through paid employment.

We recommend you draft your answer to this section in a text editor such as Notepad, rather than a word processor such as Word, because this can cause corruption to your data. You can then copy the text from the text editor into the form. If you write this section directly to the screen and you think you will take longer than half an hour, we recommend you save the form at least every 25 minutes because the form WILL timeout. There is a limit of 15,800 characters (as a rough guide this is about 3 pages of A4 at 12 point) although we would anticipate the information you provide us will be more succinct than this.

Equal opportunities monitoring

For more information see our Equality and diversity statement or go to our disabilities page.

Criminal convictions

For more information on this section, go to our Criminal convictions page.

Declaration section

This is the last page of the form. You need to read the declaration and tick the box to accept it. We recommend you review your form before you submit your application. The review button takes you to the start of the form so you can check through what you've written before sending it to us. You will get an email with a pdf copy of your application form for your records.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any problems with the online application form or have any questions.

Feedback on the online application form

We would appreciate any feedback on our online job application form. Please email your feedback to This link will take you to an external website...

Last reviewed: 03 - 11 - 2014

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