The story so far

Didcot was awarded Garden Town status by the government in December 2015.  

On 19 June 2017 the councils will be publishing the proposed delivery plan for Didcot Garden Town and the information below provides historical details up until this date.

What is a Garden Town?

It’s a town that will provide affordable homes, schools and jobs whilst preserving the countryside around Didcot and a comfortable way of life.

How will Didcot be different?

We’ll encourage new housing and business developments to include more green spaces, trees, gardens, allotments, walking and cycle ways in their plans for the town. We’ll also look at doing the same for when we renovate and improve existing areas of the town.

Does this just mean more houses?

It’s no secret that a lot more homes are going to be built in and around Didcot over the next 15 years.

Being a Garden Town means we’ll be able to apply for more money from the government to support those new communities with the roads and facilities they’ll need whilst helping us all to travel around Didcot more easily.

One of the ideas behind Didcot Garden Town is to preserve the green gap between Didcot and the surrounding villages – this will benefit residents of all of these villages, as well as residents in Didcot itself.

The councils undertook two stages of public engagement.  Details of the first can be found here and the second stage here.

Last reviewed: 13 - 06 - 2017

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