Licensing Registers

View all current applications for licences and all licences issued

Applications can be made for the conversion of existing licences and registrations, for new licences or for the variation to terms, conditions or restrictions to existing licences.

Follow the link below to view a brief summary of all current applications the council has received for Premises licences, Personal Licences, Club Premises Certificates, Temporary Events, Small society lottery licences, Gambling licences, House to House licences, Street Collection permits and all taxi licences issued.

dog boarding kennels 

Boarding cats

acupuncture register

caravan site register

club premises applications in consultation

club premises register

dangerous wild animal register

Day Care for Dogs

Exhibiting animals

S165 register of accessible taxis (14.5 KB) Word 2007

dog breeding register

licensed driver register

gambling premises register

home boarding register - dogs

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) register (33.4 KB) PDF

house to house collection licences register

hackney carriage vehicle register

small society lotteries register

private hire operator register

personal licences register

selling as pets register

private hire vehicles register

premises licence applications in consultation

premises licences register

hiring out horses register

scrap metal dealers

street collections permits register

tattooist, ear piercing, electrolysis and semi-permanent colouring

TEN register

street trading register

street trading applications in consultation
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zoo licence register

Last reviewed: 07 - 11 - 2019

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