Health and safety interventions

Health and Safety law is enforced by inspectors from the Vale's Food and Safety team or from the Health and Safety Executive depending on the type of business. To find out which authority is responsible for your business see which workplaces does the council have enforcement responsibility for?

Inspectors have the right to enter any workplace, at a reasonable time, without giving notice, though notice may be given where the inspector thinks it is appropriate.

On a visit an inspector may look at the workplace, the work activities, your management of health and safety, and check that you are complying with health and safety law.

The inspector may take photographs and samples, serve improvement notices and take action if there is a risk to health and safety that needs to be dealt with immediately.

If the inspector finds a serious breach of health and safety law, the inspector will decide what action to take. For more details about what kind of action can be taken see how the council enforces the food and safety legislation.

Last reviewed: 08 - 04 - 2016

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