Reporting incidents against disabled people

Fortunately, there is a very low crime rate in the Vale (including hate crime) but we want to ensure that if somebody experiences or sees disability hate crime, they know how to report it.

Disability hate crime is a criminal offence committed against somebody just because they are disabled. Incidents are motivated by prejudice and/or hatred. Incidents can include physical attack, the threat of attack, verbal abuse, harassment, graffiti, bullying, vandalism, torture and even murder.

Victims of disability hate crime can be disabled people or people who are perceived as being disabled by the offender. There are many forms of disability ranging from physical impairments like blindness to mental health conditions like anxiety. Disability also includes people with learning difficulties.

It's really important for people to report these kinds of incidents (if they are the victim or a witness), so the police and other agencies can build a more accurate picture of the issue in the county.

To report an incident, you can:

In an emergency, always dial 999. 

Last reviewed: 05 - 04 - 2017

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