Festival and Event Grants

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Opening and closing dates 

We'll open for applications on 1 April 2017 and will remain open until 4pm on 28 February 2018, unless we allocate all our budget before then.  

We usually make our decisions within six weeks of submission and cannot consider applications for events that will take place before we make our decision.

Who can apply and how often? 

  • non-profit community organisations excluding town and parish councils  (you must have a constitution and bank account in the name of the organisation)
  • we’ll only fund an event once in any financial year, but organisations can apply for different events in the same year
  • we’ll only consider funding a repetitive event a maximum of three times  from this point forward (e.g. Vale summer festival).   If we agree to fund an event more than once, we’ll always award less than the previous grant.

Please note to be eligible for the scheme the following documents must be available upon request:

  • a constitution for a local voluntary sector organisation
  • a breakdown of the events income and expenditure
  • the previous two years bank accounts (where available)
  • the previous three months bank statements in the name of the organisation
  • evidence you have secured all necessary licences/permissions for the event (visit our pages on events licencing or contact our licensing team at licensing@southoxon.gov.uk for more information).

We also recommend you check out our event-management guide and register your event with our Safety Advisory Group, which is a forum to provide advice and guidance to event organisers and other agencies before applying. 

Who can’t apply?

  • town and parish councils
  • public sector bodies, like Oxfordshire County Council or health services including schools, academies and free schools 
  • private businesses and individuals 

How much is available and what for? 

Our budget for 2017/18 is £10,000 

You can request up to 75 per cent of your event's cost, capped to £1,000. The minimum request for this scheme is £250.

The scheme can fund any costs directly relating to community events (revenue or capital) run by non-profit organisations, including staff costs, hire fees, printing costs and equipment purchases. 

What kind of events/festivals do we fund?

We want to fund events or festivals that have substantial local community support and numbers of beneficiaries attending and that will take place within 12 months of the submission date.

They must be open to the general community (not a select or specific group) and allow at least 100 people to attend.   

Your event can raise money for other non-profit organisations, but you'll have to retain enough to run the event again before making any donations. You'll also need to let us know the organisation(s) you'll donate to in your application, so we can confirm we aren't also funding them directly (in the same financial year) and that we're happy to support them by association. We won't fund events that raise money to donate to individuals or where you do not know who the group benefiting will be in advance. 


The council is committed to promoting equality and diversity and welcomes applications from organisations representing minority or vulnerable groups. We encourage all applicants to make their event as inclusive and accessible to all as possible.


You can call us on 01235 422405 or drop us an email to grants@southandvale.gov.uk if you have any other questions about the scheme and whether your event is eligible.

Last reviewed: 26 - 04 - 2017

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