How we are working to catch benefit cheats

The Council is committed to the prevention and detection of benefit fraud, and has stringent measures in place to catch benefit cheats.

Here are some of the ways in which our Benefit Fraud Team is working to track down and identify benefit thieves:

  • By checking every benefit application. Officers make stringent checks on every application for benefits. If something does not match up we then obtain more information from banks, utility companies or the Government to cross-match details.
  • Through Government computer systems that compare information to check if people are entitled to their benefit.
  • Through HM Revenue & Customs who hold information about people claiming social security benefits, including details about tax credits, income, investments/savings and national insurance contributions.
  • Through calls from the public. The National Benefit Fraud Hotline takes hundreds of calls in confidence everyday from people reporting suspected benefit thieves. In addition, the Vale also operates a confidential 24-hour benefit fraud hotline 01235 422511. Please see our page How to report benefit fraud to find out the other ways in which you can pass information about suspected benefit cheats.

For information about what could happen to benefit cheats see our page What are the penalties if someone is caught committing benefit fraud.

Last reviewed: 09 - 01 - 2018

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