What you need to live on

An allowance (known as the Applicable Amount) is worked out based on you and members of your household.  This is what the Government believes a family in your situation needs to live on. For the purposes of working out your applicable amount, your household means:-

  • Yourself
  • Your partner
  • Any dependant children

By partner we mean someone you are married to or have a civil partnership with or you are living together as if married or in a civil partnership.  For further details please see living together as husband and wife (62.8 KB) PDF .

Children at university, or other higher education establishments, are not considered as dependant on you. Children in further education aged less than 20 years are considered as dependant children.

Your applicable amount also takes into account your age and any disabilities in your household.  If someone in your household is disabled and you wish to know which disability premium applies to you, please contact the council on the contact details on this page.

The applicable amount for people of pension age is significantly different from those of working age.

Guidance on what constitutes living together as a couple can be found in Forms and Guidance Notes.

Last reviewed: 31 - 03 - 2020

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