Benefits being processed

If you have applied for Benefit

We will exclude from the automatically produced summons complaint lists, those taxpayers who are known to have applied for benefit, where the completed application is in the process of being calculated.

If you have made an application for benefit either before or after the issue of a summons, assuming the claim details are complete, your claim will be calculated and we will inform you of the net balance within 48 hours of you bringing this to our attention. You will then have the option of either paying in full before the court hearing (including summons costs) or making an arrangement for payment which extends beyond the hearing date on the understanding that we will apply for a Liability Order and additional costs.

If you were to attend court in answer to the summons and state that you had applied for benefit and were waiting to be informed, the application for a Liability Order and additional costs would still be made. An assurance will be given to the court that the matter will be looked into after the hearing and if it is found that an application has been received, no action will be taken on the Liability Order until any benefit has been calculated. You will then be informed and given the opportunity to make and maintain a satisfactory arrangement

We will try to help you if we feel you may not be claiming all the benefits you are entitled to

Last reviewed: 20 - 06 - 2013

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