Barking dogs

Dogs bark naturally, but the constant barking or whining of a dog can be very disturbing or annoying for neighbours. Often this problem occurs when you are out of the house and you may not realise that someone has complained. 

In law, a barking dog can be a statutory noise nuisance. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 dog owners can be taken to court if they do nothing to stop the nuisance.

How do I report a barking dog?

Details about how we deal with complaints can be found on this page.  You can report a problem using our online report form or contacting Environmental Protection (see contacts section of this page).

What to do if your dog is barking too much

There is lots of good information on why dogs bark and what you can do about your barking dog in the two leaflets (see downloads section of this page).

Last reviewed: 30 - 06 - 2016

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