Flood warning codes

The Environment Agency has changed the codes it uses to warn people about the risk of floods. These are the new flood warning codes.

Flood alertA Flood Alert. Flooding is possible. Be prepared. - this will be used to warn people of the possibility of flooding and encourage them to be alert, stay vigilant and make early preparations for flooding. This will replace the previously issued Flood Watches. A Flood Alert will be issued earlier than a Flood Warning, to give people advance notice that flooding is possible.


Flood warningA Flood Warning. Flooding is expected.  Immediate action required. - this will be used to warn people of expected flooding and encourage them to take action to protect themselves and their property.



severe floodA Severe Flood Warning.  Severe flooding. Danger to life. -  this will be used when there is a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities and people need to take action to protect themselves and to follow the advice of the emergency services.


To check if you are at risk from flooding or to register for the Environment Agency's free Floodline Warnings Direct service, please call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or see the EA's website Environment Agency This link will take you to an external website... . You can also request or download a personal flood plan template, find general advice and information about flooding.

Last reviewed: 01 - 08 - 2016

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