Naming and numbering policy and charges

Street Naming and Numbering

Vale of White Horse District Council is the Street Naming and Numbering authority for this district within Oxfordshire. It carries out these functions under the provisions of the Oxfordshire Act 1985.

The council should be contacted if:

  • a developer requires addresses for a new property or properties
  • a property owner wants to renumber or rename their property
  • a property owner wants to give their property a name

Why use the council to number/name your property?

The address of a property is increasingly becoming a very important issue. More organisations, postal and emergency services, credit reference agencies and the general public need an efficient means of locating, referencing and authenticating properties.

The council has a statutory duty to cause new houses and developments to be numbered and streets to be named and subsequently will provide an applicant with a dwelling number under the above act.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for properties to be formally named and numbered as the Emergency Services, statutory undertakers (gas, electricity, water and telephone companies) all locate the property by the information we provide.

Upon receipt of an application, with the appropriate fee as set out below, we will undertake this service on your behalf and will notify organisations of new address changes by issuing precise location plans, naming and numbering memo and any relevant documents the officer deems necessary. These official agencies include Police, Fire, Ambulance, Electoral Registration, Council Tax, Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey, Land Charges and Land Registry.

Cost of the service

We will aim to process individual applications within 10 working days; however, larger numbering schemes will take longer and the applicant will be notified of this at the initial stage and will be kept informed during the process.

Item      Detail       Charge

Existing properties 

     Changing a house name or address 


New properties      Naming and numbering 1-2 units       £27.00
     Naming and numbering 3-4 units       £40.00
     Naming and numbering 5-10 units       £53.00
     Naming and numbering 11-20 units       £66.00
     Naming and numbering 21-30 units       £79.00
     Naming and numbering 31-40 units       £92.00
     Naming and numbering 41-50 units       £105.00
     For each additional 10 units       Add £13.00

 Street Naming Policy

  • It is the responsibility of the developer to provide street nameplates at the appropriate locations unless prior discussions with the Naming & Numbering Officer have already taken place. The council will give advice on specification, quantity and locations.

Numbering Policy

  • The use of numbers followed by letters may be considered for infill. These are needed, for instance, when one large house in a road is demolished and replaced by (say) three smaller houses. Larger infill builds will be addressed with an identifier for the row or a suitable building name.
  • The council's numbering sequence is final.
  • Properties will be numbered in relation to the road in which their primary pedestrian access is located.

Street Naming and Numbering procedure

Information for developers

  • Developers should contact the council as soon as they commence work on site.
  • The developer will need to provide a plan preferably in electronic format (pdf).
  • The plan should show layout, plot numbers and property points of access. These should be marked.
  • With blocks of flats, the layout of each floor should be shown including plot numbers.
  • A list of suggested street names (if any). Developers may wish to suggest street names for their development. The council will research suitable street names for a development.

What the council will do

  • We will consult the relevant town or parish council on any proposed street names.
  • Street naming and numbering is a delegated function. Where agreement cannot be reached on a proposed name, the matter will be determined by the relevant committee.
  • The council will also ask the Royal Mail to reserve postcodes for all the properties in question.
  • Once street names have been agreed and postcodes submitted, the council will inform the developer

Request a change

Click here to request a change to street name or numbering

Contact Details

The street naming and numbering procedure is carried out by:

Sally-Anne Worsley
Data Monitoring Manager
HR, IT and Technical Services
(see address in Contact section of this page)

Last reviewed: 29 - 01 - 2015

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