Do I need planning permission?

Are you thinking of altering or extending your house? In some circumstances you may not need planning permission, but it is best to check first.

Permitted development (PD)

Some types of work are OK without formal planning permission – this is known as 'permitted development'.

Permitted development is not allowed for flats and apartments. Some properties have had their permitted development rights removed. Contact our customer services team for further information.

To find out what types of work can be carried out under permitted development, look at the Planning Portal guidance This link will take you to an external website...  

If your proposed development meets all of the relevant restrictions and conditions, then you can go ahead without a formal planning application. If you’re unsure, follow one of these options:

Permitted Development Enquiry

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Use or Development 

Householder Prior Notification

Last reviewed: 10 - 03 - 2017

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