How planning applications are dealt with

When a planning application is submitted, provided it is valid, planning will register it within five working days. If an application is incomplete (ie invalid) the applicant will be contacted and given advice about what is missing or how to correct any mistakes.

Once registered, applications will be publicised and neighbours will be notified and invited to make comments. They will have 21 days in which to make representations. For more details see our how to view and comment on current planning applications page.

Most applications will be decided by planning officers using delegated powers. Applications will only be determined by the planning committee if:

  • It is a large major application over 200 homes
  • It is a departure from the development plan
  • It is a significant departure from the views of a statutory consultee
  • the development plan policies are set aside
  • the officer recommendation is contrary to the views of the town council, parish council or parish meeting and the development is a major application or a commercial development over 1000 sqm
  • the application has been submitted by a member or officer of the council
  • the ward councillor requests that the application is ‘called in’ to committee within 28 days of the application being registered.

If the planning application does need to be determined by the planning committee, members of the public can speak in favour or against applications at the meeting.  Members of the committee may ask any public speakers questions.  See the how to speak at a planning meeting page.

The committee will also hear representations from the local Town or Parish Council or Meeting and the ward councillor. Once these comments have been heard, the Committee Members will then debate the application and make a decision. The decision will be either:

  • to grant planning permission, or
  • to refuse planning permission, or
  • to defer a decision for further advice or information, or
  • to defer a decision so members of the committee can make a visit to the site, or
  • to delegate the decision to grant permission, subject to conditions, to planning officers.

Decision notices will be issued within three working days of the decision being made whether this is by officers using delegated powers or the development control committee. Anyone who has commented on the application will be notified of the decision.

How long will this process take?

Development Control aim to determine 60 per cent of major planning applications within 13 weeks; 65 per cent of minor planning applications within eight weeks and 80 per cent of other applications within eight weeks.

What happens if planning permission is not granted?

The applicant can appeal against the decision. Appeals are made to the Planning Inspectorate. For more information see planning appeals.

Last reviewed: 01 - 02 - 2019

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