Important notice - Building Control: Approved Inspectors

Approved Inspectors are required to carry Professional Indemnity insurance and Professional Liability insurance from a scheme provider approved by the Secretary of State for Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). One of these scheme providers is pulling out of the market leaving only one remaining provider.

While some Approved Inspectors have been able to transfer their policies, some have unfortunately not been offered suitable cover. The CICAIR website includes details of insurances held by each Approved Inspector.

If your Approved Inspector has not been able to transfer their policy, or has not been offered suitable cover, and your project has commenced on site, then your building works will revert to SouthVale Building Control.

To help us deal with your reversion, either the person(s) carrying out the building work or the Approved Inspector should submit a cancellation notice (53.3 KB) PDF  to SouthVale Building Control as soon as possible.  You will also need to complete a reversion application form (155.4 KB) PDF  and provide as much information as you can to help us decide what we need to do to assist you. This includes plans, drawings, specifications relevant to the building works and a copy of the structural design and supporting calculations.

It’s important you provide us with as much information as you can about your project and your Approved Inspector can help you with this by providing a copy of the site inspection records and any plans certificate.

You will need to pay SouthVale Building Control the costs associated with the reversion.  As soon as we receive your cancellation notice and application form we’ll contact you to discuss this further.

Please email any queries to in the first instance.

Last reviewed: 11 - 07 - 2019

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