Milton Park Local Development Order

Following a four week period of consultation held late 2012, the council has adopted the Milton Park Local Development Order (LDO). 

The Milton Park Local Development Order (LDO) will help to deliver the planned growth of Oxfordshire’s Science Vale UK Enterprise Zone. It allows a range of types of development to be fast tracked which will enable new and existing businesses to innovate, grow, and adapt to changing market opportunities delivering additional jobs for the local economy.

The Order’s specific development parameters include a range of permitted uses for the business park and an upper-limit on total floor space and maximum height of buildings. The ‘LDO area’ is zoned, so that greater development controls are retained in more sensitive locations which include those close to residential areas.

Pre-development notification to the planning authority is required, providing the council with the control of confirming whether or not development proposals fall within the Order’s scope. If it does, development can proceed without the need for a formal planning application, subject to complying with the Order’s planning conditions. 


 The main documents are:

There is a number of supporting evidence documents associated with the LDO.  These are:


Last reviewed: 06 - 02 - 2013

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