Planning appeals

Appeals against the council's planning decisions are made to the Planning Inspectorate. The Secretary of State appoints the Planning Inspectors who determine the appeals.

You can appeal for a number of reasons.  Most are against:

  • the refusal of an application for planning permission;
  • the refusal of other forms of application (e.g. listed building consent);
  • the imposition of a condition the appellant disagrees with;
  • the application not being decided within the statutory 8 week period; or
  • the issue of an enforcement notice by the council.

Only the person who applied for planning permission, or was served with an enforcement notice has a legal right to appeal (known as the appellant).  There is no right of appeal for interested people or organisations (known as third parties).

If you intend to submit an appeal that you would like examined by inquiry then you must notify the Local Planning Authority and Planning Inspectorate ( at least 10 days before submitting the appeal. Further details can be found here.

View the planning appeals register

How to appeal

Last reviewed: 19 - 06 - 2019

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