What is a breach of planning control?

Planning enforcement officers can only investigate breaches of planning legislation. If the work carried out does not need planning permission, or if the works have been carried out in accordance with a planning permission, enforcement action cannot be taken.

Also, some matters do not fall within the scope of the planning service and therefore cannot be investigated by enforcement offices, for example a boundary dispute or a covenant issue.

Here are some examples of what would be considered a breach of planning control:

  • Building an extension or making alterations to a building without first obtaining planning permission
  • Carrying out work which is different to what was approved
  • Not complying with a condition which was imposed on a planning permission
  • An unauthorised change of use of a property
  • An advertisement displayed without the necessary consent ¿ see our page on Advertisements and signs for more information
  • Removing protected trees without permission

Before starting any development work you should find out if you need planning permission - see Do I need planning permission. It may be that you also need Building Regulations approval - see What are Building Regulations and do I need to apply?

Last reviewed: 01 - 06 - 2016

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