CIL Funds Received and Spending Strategy

We are currently working on a CIL Spending Strategy, to identify how we will allocate CIL funds to infrastructure projects to support development taking place in the Vale. 

Please view our CIL REGISTER which lists all CIL liable planning permissions within our district where development has commenced and a demand notice for the payment of CIL was issued.

CIL Funds to Local Councils

We pass a proportion of CIL funds to Town and Parish Councils to support the provision and improvement of local infrastructure to support communities. For more information on what proportion we will transfer, when and how this is calculated see our CIL FAQs for town and parish councils (339.7 KB) icon .

Annual Reporting on CIL funds received and spent

We will provide annual reports on our CIL income and spending here. 

Last reviewed: 06 - 02 - 2018

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