Harwell Campus Supplementary Planning Document

Harwell Campus is allocated for employment development in the Adopted Local Plan 2031 Part 1 by Core Policy 15. The draft Local Plan 2031 Part 2 proposes to allocate 1,000 homes at the Campus to provide housing to meet the specific needs of the Campus in the form of an Innovation Village.  This will ensure a work-live-play community is delivered to elevate Harwell Campus to a world class campus. 

In the draft Local Plan 2031 Part 2, Core Policy 15b ‘Harwell Campus Comprehensive Development Framework’ sets out that additional guidance will be provided for development at Harwell Campus in the form of a comprehensive development framework published as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).  The purpose of the SPD will be to ensure a comprehensive approach is taken to development at the Campus and development reflects it location within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  There will be a focus on the housing allocation ensuring it will be of an exemplar design standard that fully integrates with the Campus and delivers the tailored mix of housing that is required. The SPD will be a material consideration in assessing future planning applications for this site.

The Council has appointed consultants, Hankinson Duckett Associates, to prepare the SPD with initial work commenced earlier this year.  Hankinson Duckett Associates are working with a number of key stakeholders in preparing the SPD, including Natural England, the North Wessex Downs AONB Board and Oxfordshire County Council. A draft SPD will be formally consulted upon later in the year.

As part of the preparation for the SPD, the Council has determined that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is required. The Council has expanded the SEA requirement to take full account of socio-economic issues/objectives alongside environmental issues/objectives, and therefore a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is being undertaken.  The first key procedural requirement of an SA is for the scope and level of detail to be included within a draft SA Report.  The Council has commissioned AECOM to undertake the SA, who have prepared a Scoping Report which sets this out. A copy of the Scoping Report is available to view and access below.

Last reviewed: 13 - 04 - 2018

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