Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Guidance supplement and give more details on specific policies included in the existing Local Plan 2011. Although they are not part of the Local Plan 2011, they should be read in conjunction with it and can be taken into account as a material consideration in determining planning applications. Furthermore the Secretary of State will give them substantial weight in making decisions that come before him.

On 20 July 2006 the council adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for the following:

District Wide SPGs

 Site Specific SPGs

Planning Advisory Notes

This document contains planning advisory notes, to be used as guidance when making a planning application. The notes were previously adopted as supplementary planning guidance alongside the now superseded Local Plan to 2001. They can no longer be supplementary planning guidance as they have not been subjected to formal public consultation during the preparation of the Local Plan 2011. They however, contain some information that is still useful and relevant to development control in determining planning applications.

The Planning Advisory Notes are:

  • Telecommunications Apparatus
  • Clay Pigeon Shoots 
  • Landscape Strategy
  • North Vale Corallian Ridge
  • House Conversion to Flats
  • Shop fronts and Advertisements
  • New Residential Design Guide
  • Access for people with impaired mobility

Last reviewed: 21 - 02 - 2020

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