Exceptions policy

Not all homes are suitable for wheeled bins.  Homes with no side, front or rear access may have to remain on a sack system and we will make separate arrangements for people in flats or households where it is difficult to store wheeled bins.

If you are using the alternative to wheeled bins, the same collection days and weeks apply.

I don't think my property is suitable for wheeled bins. Can I use sacks instead?

In order to provide the most efficient and cost effective service we need as many residents as possible to use the standard service with the standard size bins. There are also health and safety issues with the use of sacks (the new vehicles are specially adapted for wheeled bins) therefore we need to keep the number of properties on sacks to a minimum.

If you think your bins are too big (and you would not be able to fill them) or you have to keep the bins outside the front of your property (not including the road) unfortunately this does not automatically mean you qualify for sacks.

Use of sacks will only be available:

a) if all the adults living at a property have a physical disability or infirmity that prevents them from being able to place waste in, or move, a wheeled bin

b) if a property has a physical barrier preventing a wheeled bin from being safely moved to its collection point (such as no front, side or rear access and the bin would have to be wheeled through the house)

c) any other exceptional circumstance as requested by residents and agreed by the council.

A visit from an officer may be necessary to determine your suitability for using sacks. If you feel you meet the criteria above please contact us and we will arrange for an officer to visit you.

What happens if I am elderly/disabled and need help with my bins?

If you need help with your collection, visit our assisted collection page.

Can I have a bigger or second wheelie bin for my recycling?

Some households may need bigger bins, such as large families. Everyone will be given the standard size bins to start with. Please give them a try for a few months and if you still feel they are too small contact the council who will reassess your needs.

Can I have a smaller bin?

We have carefully looked at the options for offering alternative bins on request.  Unfortunately, the cost and practicalities of offering a service like this would not be sustainable in the long run. For us to provide different sized bins based on the amount of waste a household produces, every time occupancy in a household changes we could find ourselves swapping the bins in order to suit the individual needs of the household.  The costs of providing this service would be significant and would ultimately fall on tax payers. Over the life of the contract we could end up swapping thousands of bins as families get larger or smaller when people move home or their circumstances change.  This wouldn't be an efficient use of the council's resources and is ultimately why we are not introducing the service.

The capacity of your bin might seem excessive to your needs at present, but at certain times of the year (such as over Christmas) the majority of households find they produce additional waste. In this situation, you may find you fill your bins.

If your property has no space to store a wheeled bin you may qualify for our alternative sack collection. We also offer help to elderly and disabled residents with our assisted collection service if moving the wheeled bins causes difficulty.

I do not want to participate in the new service, can I opt out?

We will only collect waste that is contained within the wheeled bins or the sacks provided. We have a legal duty to collect waste and under that duty we are able to specify the size and type of containers that residents use (including what can and can't go in them).

If you decide you do not want to use the new service, you can opt out and we will pick up the bins we have delivered. Please be aware, however, that you will have to make your own arrangements for your waste disposal (unless we are satisfied that you meet the criteria for using the sack service). Opting out of the service will not qualify you for any form of refund or reduction in your council tax.

Last reviewed: 24 - 05 - 2018

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