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Staying safe

Follow national guidance and stay up to date

The best place to stay up to date on guidelines and advice on how you can keep you and your family safe during the coronavirus outbreak is via

The NHS COVID-19 app is available to download and is the fastest way to see if you’re at risk from coronavirus. Just head to the NHS website to download the app, which has tools to contact tracing and provide you with local area alerts and venue check-in.

Self-isolation guidance – self-isolation is when you do not leave your home because you have or might have Covid-19.  Find out more about when you should self-isolate and what you will need to do via the NHS website.

You can also find out more with our self-isolation support pack which can be found on our website by clicking the button below

Here’s a useful guide on how you and your household can wash their hands correctly.

Avoiding scammers

Don’t let strangers into your house or give them any money, personal data or information.  The Thames Valley Police website has some useful guidance on how you can stay safe at home and online. Oxfordshire County Council also has some useful information on coronavirus scammers.

If you have been a victim or would like to report any fraud, please contact Action Fraud.


We all have a duty to keep vulnerable adults and children safe in our community, including safeguarding against abuse, extremism and modern slavery.  For general guidance, please head to our community safety page on protecting vulnerable people.

Domestic abuse

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please see our domestic abuse guidance.

Advice from Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police has published some helpful information and advice about the current guidelines, including how to report people who you suspect aren’t following them.

Travelling by taxi or public transport

If you need to travel by taxi or public transport to pick up essential food and medication, you can keep yourself and the driver safe by:

  • not travelling if you feel unwell with symptoms of coronavirus
  • take tissues with you to catch any coughs or sneezes
  • wash your hands fully for at least 20 seconds before and after each trip.
  • Always wear a mask when using public transport  unless you have a health reason which means you are exempt or a child under 11