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Registering a food establishment

If you store, prepare, distribute or sell food, you must register your food establishment at least 28 days before opening. Please try not to register unless you are ready to start trading within 2 months of registration.

If you would like some advice and guidance before you are ready to register with us please contact our team directly.

Registration is free and applies to most types of food establishments, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, canteens, charitable organisations that serve food and market stalls, as well as temporary premises such as mobile catering and food delivery vans.

If you have more than one establishment you will need to register each one individually.

To register a food establishment you can complete this online registration form

Changing an existing food establishment?

If there is a change to your food activities after registration has been processed, please contact our Food and Safety Team to let them know.


If you handle or store unprocessed products of animal origin and supply other businesses, you may be required to apply for approval instead of registration. These products:

  • Shellfish
  • Fishery products
  • Minced meat or meat preparations
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

Some premises may be exempt from approval depending on the nature of the business. If you think your business may require approval, please contact us so we can discuss your business plan and see if approval is required.

If you want to apply for approval, please complete the online form at GOV.UK.

Contact us - Food and Workplace Safety

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