Home improvement for older people

We have a partnership with Mears, a home improvement agency which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people.  Mears help with repairs, improvements and adaptations to properties to help older people remain active, safe and independent in their own homes.

Mears services include:

  • Providing assistance with funding processes
  • Help with repairs, improvements or adaptations to property
  • Provision of technical expertise with building work
  • Engagement of preferred contractors and inspecting site work
  • Providing confidential advice, support and assistance
  • Help in maximising income through application for welfare benefits
  • Providing information on housing and other support services
  • Help obtaining information on different ways of paying for repair or improvement work

From small repairs to major improvements, Mears Home Improvement Ltd can help, for example with bathroom adaptations, electrical rewiring, damp proofing, fitting stair-rails and other household repairs.

Additional services

Much of their work goes well beyond traditional home improvement agency activity as Mears have diversified to meet a variety of needs, creating innovative new services within the agencies, such as:

  • Small Repairs Service/Handyperson Scheme - This scheme provides a reliable service for carrying out small jobs around the home that can no longer be managed by the homeowner. Often these jobs can prevent accidents or falls in the home.
  • Home from Hospital Service - This service ensures a safe, secure, dignified and speedy discharge from hospital and reduces the risk of re-admission by adapting, improving and repairing the older person's home to meet their needs
  • Energy Efficiency Scheme - Mears can review your heating arrangements and advise on measures to help retain heat in your home during cold periods, e.g. by assisting with loft insulation and draught proofing of windows and doors.
  • Home Safe Scheme - This scheme offers safety checks looking for risks in the home that could cause accidents such as loose carpets and poor lighting. It also checks for security risks such as inadequate door and window locks.
  • Fire Safety - Mears have a partnership with Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service where Mears are able to carry out Home Fire Risk Checks with residents to make them safer in their home. This may include simple advice such as overloading of extension leads to the fitting of 10 year battery operated smoke alarms

For more details of the services available see the Mears website This link will take you to an external website... .

Last reviewed: 12 - 08 - 2019

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