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Step three - getting started

How we will help

We carry out a lot of the formal processes, like organising the referendum. We will also:

  • explain the process
  • advise you on how to conduct consultations
  • explain what evidence you need to provide
  • provide a ‘critical friend’ role whilst you draft the plan
  • attend your neighbourhood planning meetings when invited, to provide advice and support
  • review your draft documents to make they meet the basic conditions
  • help with funding for towns, larger villages and smaller villages
  • provide advice and support dealing with the media, and publicising your work. 

Setting up your neighbourhood plan group

This usually includes town or parish councillors as well as local people with useful skills and knowledge. To give your plan the best chance of success in the referendum, it should represent the whole community, so you should involve the wider community from the start. Examples of community organisations that might join the group include:

  • local businesses and chambers of commerce
  • schools and health centres
  • local residents and other community groups. 

Jargon buster icon This is known as a 'steering group'.

Write a ‘terms of reference’ so the objectives of the group are clear - here's an example you can adapt for your steering group (48.0 KB) Word 97-2003 .


Link icon The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012  This link will take you to an external website...

Link icon The Neighbourhood Planning (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 This link will take you to an external website...


Link icon How to set up a neighbourhood forum This link will take you to an external website...


Last reviewed: 01 - 06 - 2016

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