Support for businesses (Covid-19)

You can find lots of support and advice for business owners, self-employed and job seekers, on our South and Vale Business Support website.

Financial support for businesses impacted by Covid-19 restrictions

There are a number of grants available now to support businesses which have been impacted by local and national covid-19 restrictions, including funding for pubs. For more details, and to sign up to receive email notifications when new funding becomes available please visit our Business Support website.

Guidance for businesses, food retailers, takeaways and food delivery facilities 

There is extensive business guidance available online, this information can be found on the right hand side of this page under ‘External links‘.

There is also information on our Food Safety pages.

As I am sure you appreciate our Environmental Health officers are extremely busy supporting business through this pandemic. Therefore we kindly request that you read this relevant guidance before contacting the council with any queries. If after having read this guidance you still have queries and questions, please contact us by completing the online query form here or by emailing

Council officers (Licensing, Environmental Health and Covid Compliance Officers) and Thames Valley Police will monitor compliance with the new business regulations throughout this pandemic. People who manage, own and/or run businesses and open when they are not supposed to be could potentially be prosecuted and subject to fines.

If you are concerned that a business in the district is failing to comply with these regulations, please report it to the council by by completing the online Covid-19 complaint form here or by emailing

We will treat all reports in confidence, but request that you provide sufficient information to enable us to properly investigate your concerns.