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New website provides one stop shop for tackling climate change in Oxfordshire

A new website offering practical advice for Oxfordshire people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy has gone live today [11 July 2022].

Climate Action Oxfordshire – – lists measures people can take and rates them according to effort, impact, and cost. It also gives people an idea of what financial savings they can make and includes tips and links on how to get started.

From small changes such as washing your clothes on a cold cycle, creating a wildflower area or using rechargeable batteries, to recycling more, eating less meat, and – for those with a bigger budget – getting solar panels or an electric vehicle, the website is full of practical things you can do with the time and money you have to spare.

It is a joint venture set up by Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, Cherwell, South Oxfordshire, West Oxfordshire, and Vale of White Horse district councils, and OxLEP – the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The one stop shop has sections aimed at individuals, communities, and organisations, including businesses, and advice on transport, lifestyle, shopping, home and biodiversity matters.

Councillor Andrew Prosser, Cabinet Member for Climate Change at West Oxfordshire District Council, said: “There are so many opportunities for residents to reduce their energy use, particularly around the home which is a major contributor to climate change emissions. Simple steps really can add up, whether that’s draft proofing windows and doors, changing lightbulbs to LEDs and being more diligent about turning off lights, or replacing old appliances to those with a better energy rating when it’s time to renew.

“The new Climate Action Oxfordshire website brings together a whole range of positive actions residents can tap into to make their homes more sustainable, from quick wins that can be easily achieved to those actions which require a bit more input, for those who are able to go that bit further. We would urge everyone to take a look.”

Councillor Sue Cooper, South Oxfordshire District Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Climate Change and Nature Recovery, said: “Our residents are consistently among the best recyclers in the country. This is down to a combination of their efforts and us providing a service which makes recycling easy.

“However, there’s always more people can do to reduce waste and to take climate action and so I’m very pleased that the new website will help people to find more information on what they can do at home and in their community. While we look to recycle as much as we can, our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we produce overall.”

Councillor Sally Povolotsky, Vale of White Horse District Council Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Environment and electric vehicle (EV) owner, said: “Thanks to the park and charge scheme we now have 250 new EV charging points across the county. If you are keen to make the switch to an EV vehicle, you can find lots of useful information on the new website, including about the huge benefits that doing so can bring to our climate and our air quality.”

Councillor Pete Sudbury, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “One of the many great things about this new website is that it puts people in touch with our community action groups. We recently welcomed our 100th group into the fold and it is inspiring to see them tackle climate change on a local level.

“Around 8,000 Oxfordshire residents are already involved, on projects including low carbon transport, energy, biodiversity, social justice, food and waste. If you want to get involved, log on and find your nearest group – or get advice on setting up your own.”

Imogen Thomas, Cabinet Member for Zero Carbon Oxford and Climate Justice at Oxford City Council, said: “Tackling the climate crisis can seem like a big task, but there are ways that anyone can get involved. Using less energy means not only saving carbon but saving money, at a time when we are all feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis.

“Many of us can also play a role in boosting biodiversity in our green spaces. If you have a garden, you can explore what native seeds you can plant to encourage wildflowers. If you live in a flat, why not explore how you can volunteer your time to a community garden or your local green space. Big or small, your actions can make a real difference.”

Councillor Dan Sames, Cherwell District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Cleaner and Greener Communities, said: “We could all do with reducing the amount of items we throw away in a bid to reduce our impact on the planet. This new website will help people find homes for unwanted items lingering around the house, in garages or sheds by encouraging and helping them to repair, reuse or donate things like bikes, furniture and electrical items.

“While these are small changes, they will help us move to a One Planet Living model. There are organisations in Cherwell district that will provide you with the help you need. It’s now just a click away.”

Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of OxLEP, said: “The introduction of this platform gives businesses the information and practical, positive steps that can be taken to support a more sustainable future in the workplace.

“We would therefore encourage our business community to make use of the Climate Action Oxfordshire site and understand how certain adjustments will collectively make big impacts and support the drive towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all.”

The Climate Action Oxfordshire website contains filters so that users can tailor it to their own circumstances. It will be regularly updated with new information and advice to help the county’s residents do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint.


For more information about this release contact Oxfordshire County Council’s communications team on 01865 323870 or email