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Supporting people seeking sanctuary

We continue to do everything we can to help and welcome people displaced by war and persecution and provide sanctuary. 

See our support for Ukraine and support for Afghan families web pages for more details about help that is in place.

We’re incredibly thankful to all who have welcomed and supported many families and individuals seeking safety in the Vale, helping them adjust to life here and become valued members of our community.

We work with Oxfordshire County Council and local health and charity service providers to ensure a full and appropriate support package is in place for families and individuals from countries including Ukraine and Afghanistan to live in sanctuary here.  As well as sourcing private rented accommodation, this support includes ensuring families have access to ongoing mental health support, education, food, medicine, and other vital services.

Here are some useful resources and information: 

Here are some are local charities that provide support especially for refugees and asylum seekers in Oxfordshire:

  • Citizens Advice Oxfordshire
    Connection Support provide a range of emotional and practical support to help the families settle into everyday life
  • Aspire works in Oxfordshire to support refugees
  • Asylum Welcome helps asylum seekers, refugees and detainees in Oxfordshire (including unaccompanied children) with English lessons, food, hardship payments, advice on housing, jobs, and the asylum system and more.
  • Refugee Resource promotes the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Barnardo’s