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Support for Afghan families

How we help Afghan families and individuals as part of the national resettlement schemes

There are two government schemes in place to resettle Afghan families and individuals in the UK.

The Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) is a resettlement scheme for those brave Afghans who worked for, or with, the UK Government and British Armed Forces in Afghanistan in exposed or meaningful roles.

Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) provides vulnerable refugees from Afghanistan and those put at risk by recent events in Afghanistan with a route to safety. The scheme prioritises:

  • those who have assisted the UK efforts in Afghanistan and stood up for values such as democracy, women’s rights and freedom of speech, rule of law; and
  • vulnerable people, including women and girls at risk, and members of minority groups at risk.

We support guests from Afghanistan under both these government schemes.

Our work includes working with the Ministry of Defence to repurpose empty homes to house guests from Afghanistan arriving in the UK under the ARAP scheme.

We have a welcome pack for Afghan guests who are living in temporary accommodation we’ve prepared for them. See our webpage welcome pack for details and downloadable packs.