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New Hackney carriage fare limits agreed for Vale of White Horse 

Hackney carriages operating in the Vale of White Horse will have a new maximum fare they can charge passengers. 

The district council recently carried out a consultation on the maximum fares for journeys carried out by Vale of White Horse licensed hackney carriages within the district. 

The revised fares were agreed at the Cabinet meeting on Friday 30 September. 

The council took existing tariff figures and applied the annual inflation (CPI) for every year since it was last reviewed, which produced fares in line with neighbouring authorities. 

While some of the respondents suggested higher fares, this would have resulted in the district being the top ten most expensive in the country for a two-mile journey on Tariff 1 (applicable from 6am to 10.59pm on Monday to Saturday). 

Instead, the new maximum fare for a two-mile journey on Tariff 1 will be £8.10, rising to £11.25 for Tariff 3 (applicable from 2am to 5.59am on weekdays and all day Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).

Councillor Helen Pighills, Cabinet Member for Healthy Communities, said: “This was a tricky balancing act. We recognise that licensed hackney carriage operators are facing increased overheads as the cost of living crisis continues, we also needed to understand that as a rural community, some rely on taxis for transport. Increasing the tariff higher would have an impact on those who rely on the service most, such as those on lower income and those with disabilities. 

“And if we did not set a tariff, licence holders would set their own, which would again risk impacting those who rely on taxis most.” 

Among the proposed changes was also introducing a new £1.50 charge for additional passengers in vehicles which can carry more than four persons. 

The council agreed it was open to reviewing the fares as the cost of living increases. 

Details of the new taxi fares can be found in the Vale of White Horse cabinet agenda pack.