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Businesses based in the Didcot Garden Town area invited to join new sounding board

A new opportunity has been created for the business community to get involved with Didcot Garden Town projects.

Local businesses from all sectors and sizes are being encouraged to attend the first Didcot Garden Town Business Sounding Board on 8 February, 4.30pm-6pm.

The public online meeting will be chaired by Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and hosted by the Didcot Garden Town team. 

During the first session, business owners will be brought up to speed on the wider Didcot Garden Town project and how this relates to local businesses in the area. There will also be some breakout sessions for businesses to understand their priorities for the town and how the Didcot Garden Town team can help support the local economy.

Cllr Judy Roberts, Vale of White Horse Cabinet Member for Didcot Garden Town said, “We’re excited that this new sounding board is being launched specifically for local businesses.  The event is open to anyone who owns a business based within the town and we also would like to encourage businesses that are based in the town’s surrounding villages to join and give us their feedback too.”

Cllr David Rouane, South Oxfordshire Cabinet Member for Didcot Garden Town, said, “We would love people who work in as many different types of businesses to join us on 8 February – from the self-employed and micro-businesses to representatives from large organisations.  This is a free and equal forum where everyone has an opportunity to make a valuable contribution.”

Anyone interested in attending the Business Sounding Board, including residents wanting to tune in and watch, can register via

Notes to editors:

The Didcot Garden Town team are represented by South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse district councils.

The Business Sounding Board is one of three boards within the Didcot Garden Town plan.  The other two sounding boards are the Parish Sounding Board and Residents Sounding Board – both have already met and provided their feedback to the Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board. 

All sounding boards and the Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board are held publicly online.

Each sounding board will continue to meet and actively contribute to the Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board, which oversees the Didcot Garden town project.