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Report a change affecting your benefits claim and submit documents

You must tell us about any changes in your circumstances, or those of any member of your household, as soon as they happen.

This is to make sure you don’t lose money you’re entitled to, receive too much money which you’ll have to pay back, or put yourself at risk of committing benefit fraud.

Please ensure you tell us about any change within one calendar month of the change.

When a change is reported we’ll let you know of any proof/evidence we require from you.

Please Note: telling the DWP, Pension Service or HM Revenue & Customs of a change does not mean that we will be notified of the change. You must also tell us directly.

What type of changes we need to know about

  • if you move home
  • if anyone living in your home has a change of circumstance or moves out
  • if your income changes
  • if your rent changes (unless you are a council tenant)
  • if you qualify for another benefit or stop receiving a benefit.

This is not a full list. If you are not sure whether to tell us something, please ask us.

What happens if there’s a change to your entitlement?

If the change means that we will pay you more benefit, we will only amend your claim from the Monday after you tell us about it, unless you tell us within one month of the change.

If the change will mean that we will pay you less benefit, we will amend your claim from the Monday after the change (this may mean we have paid you too much and could deduct money from your next payments).

Contact us - Benefits

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