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Vote at your local polling station

If you are registered and eligible to vote in an upcoming election, we will send your official poll card to you about a month before polling day. Your poll card contains details of when and where you will need to go to vote.

At a national election and/or referendum, you can also find this information by entering your postcode in our My Area search.

Remember to bring your photo ID with you as you will need to show this to the polling station staff before you vote. You do not need to bring your poll card with you to cast your ballot, however it may speed things up if you do.

There is no dress code when visiting the polling station and it is OK to wear garments that might obscure your face: for instance, hoodies or the niqab, but please bear in mind that you will need to remove any face coverings so that staff can verify your identity as part of the requirements for Voter ID, however.

Our friendly poll clerks at your polling station will explain what to do if you’ve never voted before.

Remember to read your ballot paper carefully as you may be able to vote for more than one person.