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Dispute a parking fine

If your parking fine reference number starts with the letters:

We issue parking fines or excess charge notices for the following reasons:

  • non display of a valid ticket or permit
  • a ticket or permit that has expired or isn’t valid (including tickets not valid if driver returns within no return period)
  • non display of a disabled badge
  • vehicle not parked within a bay
  • vehicle exceeds weight limit
  • other unauthorised parking or exceeding the maximum stay.

How to dispute a parking fine

If you believe that you should not have received a parking fine you can submit a dispute in writing only by emailing

You can only dispute a parking fine issued in one of our off-street car parks. If you were fined while parking elsewhere please refer to the information on the fine.

We operate a two-stage process to consider disputes, under the powers of Section 32, 33(4) and 35 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Act.

The cancellation of a fine is the responsibility of the Head of Development and Corporate Landlord who can delegate this responsibility to the car park team and the service manager. Please view this flow chart for details.

If you intend to dispute a parking fine please do not pay the fine until your case has been resolved. If the required amount is paid, your case will be considered closed.

You must submit a dispute within 10 working days of receiving your fine.

For further information please see the following:

What happens after you dispute a parking fine

We will consider your dispute in line with our cancellation policy.

If we approve your dispute – we will reply to the email address you provided to confirm that we have cancelled the fine.

If we turn your dispute down – we will reply to the email address you provided to confirm that we have turned your dispute down. You will then be given an extended date to pay the fine, or you can choose to challenge our decision.

When we will not cancel a fine

  • if the driver parks in a car park without displaying a valid ticket or permit
  • if the driver uses the pay and display machine or or the Connect cashless service incorrectly
  • if the driver has not read or misreads the signs regarding the parking regulations or has failed to display a valid ticket for the free parking period
  • if a driver obtains a further ticket without having left the car park for the required no return period
  • if the vehicle is parked not wholly within a marked bay
  • if the driver is delayed for reasons beyond their control but more time should have allowed more time when initially obtaining their ticket eg: attending an interview or a meeting
  • if taken ill you are unable to provide medical evidence from a doctor or other medical professional
  • if you are a disabled badge holder whose badge is out of date or you have already had a fine cancelled for non display of your badge in the previous calendar year.

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