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Local Development Order review for Milton Park

We’re reviewing the Local Development Order (LDO) for Milton Park to look at how we can make changes to the way buildings and facilities are developed at Milton Park.

By reviewing the current LDO for Milton Park, we could help ensure any new developments are built in a better and more energy efficient way, in line with Didcot Garden Town principles – something that we and Milton Park are keen to see more of.

We recently asked residents that live nearby and people that work in and around Milton Park via a survey to let us know what they think about some of the proposed changes. Later this year, we plan to hold a more formal consultation and the revised LDO is considered for adoption by our Council.

We also held two live online events to give residents and interested parties an opportunity to find out more about the proposed changes to the Milton Park LDO and to answer any questions live. Click on the link to watch 20 July session here and 22 July session here.

What’s being reviewed?

You can read the full details of the LDO review to help explain the proposed changes further.

We’ve put together a summary leaflet and compiled some Frequently Asked Questions to help explain what an LDO does and how the review will progress.

The review will look at extending the LDO to 2040 to help Milton Park to:

Tackle climate change

The review could help to bring a new district heating scheme or smaller scale renewable energy schemes to help power new or existing buildings. It could also look at how Milton Park can install more vehicle charging points.

Minimise congestion

To help encourage commuters to travel to Milton Park in a more environmentally friendly way, the review will look at what can be done to the roads and pathways to help people travel by bike, use electric cars and electric driverless vehicles.

Maximise space available

To help bring more energy efficient buildings and economic growth to the area, the review is looking at increasing the maximum height of some new buildings. For example, in certain areas, a laboratory building could go up to five storeys in height.  To put this into context the Marriot Courtyard Hotel next to the A34 is six storeys high.

Milton Park could also look at a potential to increase the amount of working floorspace available by approximately six per cent to help bring in new businesses and supporting expanding businesses to find new premises.  

Increase facilities and open spaces

To help protect the natural environment and support the local wildlife, Milton Park are proposing to change the LDO boundary at Kelaart’s Field, near Sutton Courtenay.  This new area would be an informal green space made available for people working and living nearby as a relaxing space to reconnect with nature.

Other new facilities and landscaped gardens could be built.  New food outlets and shops with outdoor furniture could be added to create new meeting spaces for Milton Park residents. 

Bring new temporary accommodation

The review will look at the potential of having a limited amount of short-term accommodation and a new hotel with conference facilities to support visiting scientists, engineers and other experts to work at local businesses or research organisations nearby. 

Next steps

Your feedback and technical assessments that we will carry out will inform the list of proposed changes to the current LDO.

Before the proposed changes are considered for adoption by a full Council meeting, we will need to complete a statutory public consultation. This formal consultation will provide another opportunity to view and comment on the outcome of the review.