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Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 2020 was adopted by Cabinet on Friday 25 September 2020.  A copy of the adopted SCI and the adoption statement can be viewed below:

The SCI will also be available to view at the Council’s Offices (once they have reopened to the public) at 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB (opening times Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm).

What is the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)?

The SCI is a code of practice that sets out how and when we will involve different groups, organisations and our communities when we produce our planning documents, including our Local Plan. We are required, under government legislation, to produce an SCI and update it every five years. This document replaces the previous SCI that was adopted by the council in December 2016. 

The document must be used when we prepare and consult on our planning documents and sets out how we will involve people when we assess and decide on planning applications for development. It also takes into account changes to any practices or consultations related to Covid-19 restrictions that may be in place locally. The SCI also takes into account changes to the planning system, through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG), and any changes to legislation.

Public consultation on the SCI was undertaken between 27 February and 9 April 2020. It was then refined, taking into account the comments made at consultation.

The SCI document comprises three sections: 

Section 1 – Shaping our Future

  • This sets out the council’s overall approach to community engagement and involvement in the planning process.

Section 2 – Community Involvement in the Preparation of the Local Plan and Planning Policy

  • This provides information on how to get involved with and influence the council as it prepares its Local Plan and other planning policy documents.

Section 3 – Community Involvement in Planning Applications

  • This provides information on how to become involved with planning applications.

If you have any questions regarding the SCI, please contact our Planning Policy Team – or on 01235 422600.

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