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Taxi fares

Private hire fares

The fare for private hire vehicle bookings should be agreed between the operator and passenger before the journey begins.

Hackney carriage fares

Hackney carriages are fitted with a meter, which shows the maximum fare payable at the end of your journey. Fares for journeys starting or ending outside of the district (or journeys entirely outside of the district) should be negotiated with the driver before the start of the journey. 

Hackney carriages must, unless they have good cause, accept any hiring within the district.

For details on the maximum fares payable for hackney carriage journeys within the Vale of White Horse district from 1 October 2022, please see the tariff card.

Have your say

Our current tariff was introduced in October 2022. We are now proposing a new revised tariff using the ‘Guildford model’, a nationally recognised method to calculate taxi tariffs. In addition to changing the amounts charged for each hiring, we are proposing to start Tariff 2 from 10pm, rather than 11pm. You can read an article on the Guildford model and see information on how we have used the model to calculate the proposed new tariff.

The consultation on the new proposed tariff ran from 31 January to 19 February. You can view the report on the results here and the Cabinet will set the new fares at their meeting on 19 April 2024.

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