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Local Plan 2031 Part 2 Inspector’s Report

The Planning Inspector issued his final report on 25 June 2019, concluding that Local Plan 2031 – Part Two is ‘Sound’. A copy of the Inspector’s Report and Appendix that contains the Schedule of Main Modifications can be viewed and accessed below.

Until Local Plan 2031 Part Two is formally adopted, the policies within it will carry significant weight when we make decisions on planning applications. At formal adoption the policies within would carry full weight in decision making.

The process of adoption will be through the resolution at a future meeting with Full Council and in accordance with Regulations.  See National Planning Policy Framework.

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer (Ian Kemp), an independent officer, acted as the contact for any person during the Examination and as the liaison between the Inspector, District Council and Representors.

Now that the Inspector has issued his final report, the work of the Programme Officer is concluded, and all matters relating to the Local Plan 2031 Part Two should be directed to the Planning Policy team.