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Chilton Neighbourhood Plan

Chilton Parish Council is working on creating a neighbourhood plan to influence the way their area grows and develops into the future.

What’s happening now?

The Council at its meeting on 6 October 2021 agreed to make the Chilton Neighbourhood Plan. The council’s decision statement and made plan will be published in due course.

Take a look at the Chilton Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version).

The official referendum results were as follows:

  • Votes in favour of adopting the neighbourhood plan (YES vote): 307 (96%)
  • Votes against adopting the neighbourhood plan (NO vote): 13 (4%)
  • Turnout: 320 (27.7%)

Take a look at the:

Supporting Documents

If you want to get involved, please contact the Parish Council.

More information on the process is available on our Neighbourhood Planning Resources page.

If you would like to discuss neighbourhood planning with a member of the team, please contact us.