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Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Final SHMA report

The final report on the Strategic Market Housing Assessment (SHMA) for Oxfordshire is available for download here (1.7 MB)  , including the appendices (1.3 MB)  .  

What is the SHMA?

  • A technical study, required by the National Planning Policy Framework, to help local planning authorities understand how many homes will be needed in the period 2011 – 2031.
  • Also considers the housing needs of specific groups such as older people, minority groups and people with disabilities
  • Prepared by professional, independent consultants with a track record of preparing similar studies elsewhere.
  • Replaces the previous SHMA published in 2007

What does it say?

The key headline from the SHMA is an identified need for the provision of between 4678 – 5328 homes a year over the 2011 – 2031 period.  The figures for individual local authorities are set out below:

These figures identify the overall housing needed to support population change and economic growth over the period as well as contributing towards need for affordable housing and reducing affordability pressures across the county.

These figures do not in themselves constitute plan targets they represent an overall assessment of need without applying any limitations such as the supply of land for new development, historic under performance, housing market, infrastructure or environmental constraints. As such each council will consider these numbers alongside other evidence to identify specific policies within development plans.

What does it mean for my area?

 Overall, our numbers that have come out of the housing market assessment represents a fifth of the average allocation across five councils.

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