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What advice can I expect to receive?

If you’re applying for pre-application advice, depending on how big or complicated your proposals are, you can expect to receive advice on the following, where relevant.

  • Relevant policies. Local, regional, national policies that are relevant; whether the scheme complies in principle or not; and how policies would be applied.
  • Relevant Planning History. Although you could carry out initial research on our website, we will make comments on adjoining site history if considered relevant.
  • Constraints. Any which are relevant to the site e.g. Conservation Area, Listed Buildings, Flood Zone etc.
  • Land use. Comments on the acceptability of proposed uses; if a change of use is involved, requirements in terms of marketing, viability etc.
  • Residential development. Acceptability of mix of units; affordable housing.
  • Design. Comments on built form, scale, massing and street scene, patterns etc.
  • Sustainability. Advice on requirements to meet policies/government targets with respect to energy use reduction.
  • Amenity. Which properties may be affected and how; what further assessment is required; requirements in terms of noise studies, tree surveys etc.
  • Transport and highways. General advice and comments on servicing, access, parking standards, cycle parking, disabled parking, requirements for transport impact assessment etc. We will not seek formal comments from Oxfordshire County Council who are the highway authority. You may wish to contact them direct.
  • Waste Collection. On residential schemes in particular, waste management has a high priority.
  • Possible contamination issues. The earlier these are identified, the easier it is to have regard to the issue.
  • Air Quality. This may involve a financial consideration for monitoring or further research into impacts on air quality.
  • Financial contributions. Possible heads of terms or planning obligations that we may require. Oxfordshire County Council may require additional contributions.You may wish to contact them direct.
  • Building for life. Advice on the national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment. We will offer an initial and informal opinion about EIA requirements.
  • Any special information requirements. What you will need to submit with a subsequent application.