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What happens to – your food waste

Our crews collect your food waste, they take it to what’s known as an ‘Anaerobic Digestion Facility’ in Wallingford where it will be broken down and converted into energy.

When the food waste arrives at the facility, all bin liners are removed.  The food waste is then mixed with water and pumped into large, sealed tanks. These tanks are heated to 37 degrees Celsius and stirred for around 85 days to break down the food waste. During this time, little or no oxygen is added to the tanks.

As the food waste breaks down, it releases gases which are captured and converted into biogas, which provides enough energy to power up to 4,800 homes, and nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser which is sold to local farmers to use on their land.

To find out more about what happens to your food waste, watch this video from facility providers Severn Trent Green Power Ltd:

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