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Missed bins

We are very sorry but there have been some disruptions to the waste collections which may affect your area. If your bins have not been emptied on the usual bin day please leave them out and we will get to them by the end of the week (including Saturday & Sunday).

Report a missed bin

If you have put your bins our 6am on your scheduled collection day, and we haven’t emptied them by 6pm, you can report it as a missed collection. You have until 5pm the day after your scheduled collection day to report the missed collection.

Please check with your neighbours before reporting a missed collection: if everyone else on your street has had their bins emptied but you have not, then it may have been missed.

Before you do, check your collection day hasn’t changed due to bank holiday changes.

If bad weather has affected lots of waste collections, you do not need to report it – see below.

If that’s not the case, please see below to report your missed bin online or call 03000 610610 before 5pm the day after it was due to be emptied.

Collections affected by bad weather

If we can’t empty your bins when the roads are unsafe due to snow or ice then please leave your bins out for two days after your scheduled collection day and we’ll try to catch up. If we don’t manage to get back to you, please bring the bins back in and we’ll empty them next time they’re due.

If we missed the black bin due to bad weather, we’ll collect extra next time that bin is due to be emptied – you’ll be able to leave out up to one extra bin load (in bin bags) next to your grey bin.

If we missed your green bin, we’ll collect extra recycling in clear sacks or cardboard boxes next to your green bin. You can leave extra recycling out like this all year round even if we haven’t missed your bin.

Contact us - Biffa

03000 610610
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

c/o Vale of White Horse District Council
135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB