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Accessible vehicles

All licensed taxi drivers who operate from the Vale of White Horse district are required to take part in disability awareness training within six months of obtaining a driver’s licence.

The driver should provide you with any reasonable assistance at no extra charge – if you think that you have been overcharged for a journey, please ask for a receipt from the driver and note down the details of the driver and/or vehicle. 

All licensed hackney carriages and private hire vehicles must carry assistance dogs at no extra charge. The only drivers who are exempt from this are those with a proven medical condition which is made worse by contact with dogs. In these cases, the driver will have a ‘Notice of Exemption’ certificate which must be displayed on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle. This notice will have a large ED (for Exemption Dogs) printed on it and will show the driver’s licence number.

If you are booking a vehicle in advance, make sure you let the operator know of any requirements you have so that they can send an appropriate vehicle. 

Accessible vehicle operators

The vehicle operators listed below have at least one vehicle which is wheelchair accessible:

  • Borjan Ltd
  • Browns Taxis
  • C G Fox Driving Services
  • Grove Taxis
  • K&G Taxis
  • Kit Mobility
  • Link Shires Ltd
  • Luxicars (Hire) Ltd
  • Royal Cars
  • STS
  • Vargas
  • Webb’s of Wantage

For more details of individual hackney carriage and private hire vehicles a full list can be found here.

Drivers of these vehicles will be committing an offence if they refuse a journey based on the fact that the hirer or a person accompanying them uses a wheelchair, unless they have a medical exemption.

If this is the case, they will have a ‘Notice of Exemption’ which must be displayed in the vehicle. This notice will have a large EW (for Exemption Wheelchair) printed on it and will show the driver’s name and licence number – you can check this against their badge.

If a driver has refused to carry you because you are in a wheelchair, or because you have an assistance dog, please contact us directly as soon as possible, with as many details of the vehicle and driver as you can remember.

If you have an issues, please follow the instructions on our page about how to complain about a taxi driver, vehicle or operator.