How does the Council make decisions?

The Council - All 38 elected Councillors sit on the full Council, which decides the overall policies and sets the budget for each year. The Council also elects the Leader, the Cabinet and appoints the chairs of other Committees, which include:

  • Planning Committee
  • Licensing Acts Committee
  • Audit and Governance Committee
  • General Licensing Committee 

For more information about the role and functions of these committees, see Part 2 of the Constitution This link will take you to an external website... .

The Cabinet - This is the part of the Council which is responsible for most day-to-day decisions. It is made up of the Cabinet Leader along with the councillors he or she appoints. For details of which Councillors are on this, see our page about the Cabinet.

When major decisions are to be discussed or made, these are published in the Cabinet's Work Programme in so far as they can be anticipated. If these major decisions are to be discussed with Council Officers at a meeting of the Cabinet, this will generally be open for the public to attend except where personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

The Cabinet has to make decisions which are in line with the Council's overall policies and budget. If the Cabinet wishes to make a decision which is outside the budget or policy framework, this must be referred to the Council to decide.

Scrutiny Committee is responsible for holding the Cabinet and Officers to account for their actions which they can do in a number of ways including, monitoring performance of the delivery of services. The Committee also has the right to 'call in' a KEY decision of the Cabinet or an Officer exercising Cabinet functions. The decision can then be reviewed before it is implemented.

Details of when the Council, the Cabinet and the committees meet can be found in our councillors and committees section.

Last reviewed: 19 - 05 - 2016

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