Premises registration

If your premises is used for a food business (including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures), by law you should be registered with the council.

Registration involves completing a very simple form, which provides details about your food business.

Registration allows us to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in our area so we can visit them when we need to. The frequency of the visits will depend on the type of business. You must ensure that we have up-to-date information and notify us of any significant change in activity and any closure of an existing establishment.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking here and completing the form on-line.

If you use premises in more than one local authority area then you must register with each authority separately.

You must tick all the boxes which apply to your business, answer all the questions and give all the information requested. It is an offence to give information which you know to be false.

Seasonal businesses operating for a certain period each year should give the dates when they will be open.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for registration and we cannot refuse to register premises. We don't issue a certificate of registration; however, confirmation of receipt of the form is available on request.

Who needs to register?

If you run a food business establishment you must tell (or arrange for someone else to tell) us about any premises that you use for storing, selling, distributing or preparing food.

If you use vehicles for your business in connection with permanent premises such as a shop or warehouse you only need to tell us how many vehicles you have. You do not need to register each vehicle separately. If you have one or more mobile food vehicles but no permanent premises, you need to register with the local authority within whose area the vehicle is normally kept.

Does your food business involve animal products?

Certain food businesses that manufacture meat, fish or egg products and who supply to other premises (even premises within their own ownership) as a significant part of their overall business, will need to apply for formal approval instead of registration.

When do I need to register?

Anyone starting a new food business must register with us at least 28 days before opening. This allows us time to provide clear guidance on the requirements of the regulations and programme regular food safety inspections.

Will tacit consent apply?

Tacit consent means that if we have not dealt with your application within the target period identified then your application will have been deemed to have been granted/approved. Our target for dealing with registration applications is 28 days. Please note that the processing target period (28 days) only begins on receipt of a fully completed application and acknowledgement of such by Vale of White Horse District Council.

What happens to the information given on the form?

Details from the application forms will appear in a public register. Information on addresses and the type of food business operated there will be open to inspection by the general public. Records of the other information provided are not publicly available and will not be disclosed outside Vale of White Horse District Council, Local Government Departments and Government Agencies. The details will be used for the purposes of registration, enforcement and the protection of public funds.

What about changes?

Once you have registered, you only need to notify us if there is a change of food business operator, if the nature of the business changes, or is there is a change of the address at which moveable vehicles are kept. In either case, a new registration form will need to be completed and submitted.

Any changes to existing registered premises such as a change to the food business operator or a change in the nature of the business, must also be notified within 28 days.

You can notify us online of any changes to an approved premises GOV.UK This link will take you to an external website... .

Last reviewed: 29 - 06 - 2020

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