New homes bonus community grant

You can apply to us for a minimum of £1,000 and up to 50 per cent* of the cost of a project if:

  • you’re a non-profit organisation
  • you have a project in mind that’s going to benefit our residents (even better if it helps integrate new communities) and
  • you’re planning to complete the project in the next 12-18 months (although work shouldn’t already have started)

You can apply for money towards new/one-off revenue and capital costs from this scheme.  However, we don’t fund existing revenue costs, vehicle purchases and projects that fall to other public sector bodies to provide, like roads/footpaths, health services and schools, academies or free schools.

*If you need to ask for more than 50 per cent of the cost or your project’s already started please give us a call, as we may still be able to help.

Click here to view an existing application 

Opening dates

We closed for the last round of applications in 2016/17 on 7 November and will make our decisions on the applications received in January 2017. 

Our provisional opening dates for 2017/18 (budget permitting) are:

  • Round one opens (budget permitting): 1 April to 15 May 2017 (4pm) with all decision made by 24 July 2017
  • Round two opens (budget permitting): 20 August to 15 October 2017 (4pm) with all decision made by 22 December 2017
  • Round three opens (budget permitting): 1 December 2017 to 10 January 2018 (4pm) for decisions by 25 March 2018

Advice and exceptions

While we’d love to talk to anyone looking to start an application we’d really like to talk if you:

  • need to check if your organisation or project is eligible
  • need more than 50 per cent of the total cost
  • need money for a project that’s already started or will start before we make our decisions
  • have a project that’s outside the district, but benefits lots of our residents.

You can call us on 01235 422405 or drop us an email to

Current budgets available 

We split the district into three geographic areas when considering grants and each area has its own budget. You can see a map of the grant areas here (250.4 KB) JPEG image .  

We'll advertise each area's available budget here when we open each round of funding.


Click here to view an existing application 

Please note you’ll need to provide the following documents with your application (if you’re asking for less than £10,000 you just need to confirm those marked with * are available on request):

  • copies of your organisation’s latest bank/building society statements
  • two quotes or a professional estimate to support any capital costs in total project cost
  • a breakdown of the budget for your project, including how you’ll fund the rest of the cost
  • *your organisation’s signed constitution, rule or articles of association (except parish or town councils)
  • *copies of any necessary planning, listed building, Diocese faculty and other relevant permissions
  • *your most recent financial accounts or your working budget and financial plan if you’re a new organisation
  • *a detailed project plan that includes how you’ll fund any ongoing costs.

 If you’re requesting over £25,000 you must also provide:

  • evidence of ownership or a lease with at least ten years left on the term. Ideally, we’d like a copy of the Land Registry title documents, as you’ll need them if your application is successful.

Last reviewed: 07 - 11 - 2016

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