Youth development

Young People

We value the contribution young people can make to our community.

We are continuing to develop our work with young people, schools, youth groups and other organisations so that young people's views shape policies and services which the council provides, to ensure the needs of all young people are being met. 

Our priorities are to provide opportunities for young people to express their views at a local and national level; provide young people with the knowledge and opportunity to become active citizens; encourage young people to participate in positive activities; provide information about careers locally and offer work experience placements;  work with young people on projects which bring together different groups in the community and promote a positive image of young people.

We are committed to working with young people to find out their views about our services and inform them about the work of the council.   We work with local organisations to give young people opportunities to participate in decision making about issues that will affect them.

On these pages you will find out more about opportunities for young people to get involved, information about our work with schools and other organisations to engage young people in local democracy. 

How the council can work with schools:

  • consult young people about issues that affect them and the services we provide
  • encourage young people to take part in positive activities, including volunteering
  • involve young people in projects in their local community
  • run workshops in schools about local democracy and citizenship and why councils work with businesses
  • attend careers evenings and visit schools to talk about careers in local government and work experience
  • provide work experience placements
  • offer opportunities for young people to develop professional work based skills through paid long term work placements 
  • provide opportunities for councillors and officers to work with young people
  • support Oxfordshire County Council run youth parliament elections

Last reviewed: 01 - 12 - 2017

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